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Let kids learn how fun Hebrew day school can be at RHA

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O U R M I S S I O N Through an integrated General and Judaic Studies Program, students at Robbins Hebrew Academy engage in meaningful relationships with educators, parents, peers and the community, as they acquire critical thinking skills to open their minds to: • A future of lifelong Jewish learning • Academic excellence • Global responsibility • Respect for themselves and others • Creative and healthy lifestyles O U R V I S I O N At RHA, students are building relationships for their future. RHA students are the embodiment of the 21st Century Graduate. They demonstrate specific qualities and relationships that enable them to achieve the "minds for the future" needed for lifelong learning as Jewish students in a global world. RHA has intertwined a kaleidoscope of real world Jewish themes with interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Children's critical and creative thinking increases as they build their relationships with other children, their family, their school and the global community. The relationships blossom into "learning power".

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