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Let kids learn how fun Hebrew day school can be at RHA

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"EDUCATION IS NOT THE FILLING OF A PAIL, BUT THE LIGHTING OF A FIRE" – William Butler Yeats Today, learning facts and figures is not enough. In this globally complex and ever-changing world, our children need to learn how to think critically, creatively and collaboratively. With a curriculum that is at the cutting-edge of academic innovation, the educational experience at RHA inspires our students to explore, discover, debate, imagine and, ultimately, to become original thinkers and transformational leaders. That's because we see learning as an actively creative process that values curiosity, independent thinking, multiple perspectives and challenging convention. What's more, education at RHA goes far beyond academics. We have a uniquely nurturing community that is rich in spirit and warmth, that fosters self-esteem and social intelligence, and that builds our students' lifelong character as both individuals and as Jews. RHA is about the excitement of discovery, the joy of giving back, and the comfort of community. It is about opening our students' eyes to the power of possibility and to the power of their own potential. Extraordinary things happen at RHA. It's no wonder that Robbins Hebrew Academy is the first Jewish Day School in Ontario to be a candidate for CAIS accreditation – the gold standard in educational excellence. W E L C O M E T O R H A o n e

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