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At RHA, our goal is to produce graduates who are original thinkers and who live their lives with courage and compasion. That's why we deliver a pedagogy that not only allows our students to master the conventional, but encourages them to take chances, think for themselves and challenge the status quo. We equip our students with independent thinking, creativity and resourcefulness – skills essential for thriving in a complex world, according to the latest research. It's no wonder our students are ranking top in competitions throughout Canada and the world. And they are dominating in high school, both in terms of their academic achievements and their leadership positions (this past year, an amazing one-third of CHAT's student council are RHA graduates – including its president and VP). It's also no surprise that RHA is Ontario's only Jewish school to receive the prestigious CAIS accreditation, putting us among an elite group of Canada's private schools. Not only are we on a par with the likes of BSS and UCC, but we are also part of a world-wide consortium of leading educators who share best practices and global standards of excellence. While academic excellence is our top priority, RHA is so much more. There is a love of Judaism and a connection to Israel that comes to life in everything we do. There is a sense of joy in the classrooms and hallways. Our students graduate with a special relationship to their heritage, a commitment to repairing the world, and a deep desire to excel. We know because we've been watching it happen for more than half a century. We have so many initiatives underway. Our new JK-SK Program is modeled on a world-class approach to early childhood education. Our Middle School is even stronger now with new faculty and a new curriculum. And come 2016, we will have our new Nursery program in place. RHA truly is a school where extraordinary things happen. I grew up in an Orthodox-affiliated day school in South Africa. My Toronto-born wife graduated from Associated. Now here we are, three kids at Robbins Hebrew Academy and one RHA graduate at CHAT. For us, RHA is home. Our children have thrived here, both academically and socially. The curriculum has not only been rigorous, but it has taught my kids how to think critically, how to persevere in the face of some tough challenges, and how to think for themselves. But more than that, RHA has taught my children about empathy, compassion and gratitude. It has taught them that no matter how great it is to be the best, it's just as important to be a person of character – to conduct oneself with integrity and dignity. My kids are growing up smart and self-aware. They are also growing up in a community that's legendary. RHA is renowned for its warmth and closeness. We are a school where everyone knows each other's names, where instilling self-confidence, self-esteem and social intelligence is embedded in everything we do. RHA has never been in a better place. Beyond our cutting- edge curriculum, beyond a focus on producing students of character, we are fiscally sound with a strong fundraising and endowment program well in place. It is my honour to serve as president, and I cannot wait to help RHA reach even greater heights. Executive Officers Craig Rimer, President Robert Garmaise, Vice President Janice Nathanson, Vice President Alan Perlis, Vice President Steven Bloom, Treasurer Cindy Gertin, Secretary Shelly Markel, Immediate Past President Members Howard Black Rhonda Charlat Orli Goldberg Sara Gottlieb Paul Mandel Cara Orzech Lorraine Sandler Ryan Starkman Shawn Stern The President's Post, Craig Rimer RHA Board of Directors A Message from the Head of School, Claire Sumerlus

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