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Robbins Hebrew Academy has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to academic excellence. But as the world changes, so too has our approach to education. This time we are turning education upside down. We are transforming students from passive learners to engaged citizens. We are teaching teachers to foster imagination as well as critical thinking. We are incorporating skills like innovation, perseverance and collaboration right into our curriculum. And we are developing not just minds, but our students' character as well. It's all part of 'deeper learning,' an approach to education that teaches students how to apply knowledge to the real world so that they can solve complex problems. While some schools measure education by how much information students consume, by their aptitude scores or even by the amount of homework doled out – we don't. Yes, we teach the most advanced curriculum. Yes, our students do homework. And yes, our students rank top in math, science, creative writing and Jewish studies. But deeper learning goes beyond information. It demands that students learn to think analytically. To synthesize knowledge. And to develop creatively. Teaching the tough stuff like STEM is easy. The real challenge is helping students learn how to learn. As you'll see in the following pages, ours is a story of growth. In the past five years, RHA has become Ontario's first Jewish day school to be CAIS-accredited, putting us in an elite group of Canada's independent schools. We have instituted a new Early Years Program inspired by Reggio Emilia – the world's leading model of early childhood education. We started a Nursery school that is sold out year after year. And we are in the midst of a multi-million dollar renovation to make our facilities as spectacular as our curriculum. This is also a story about your child's growth. We know what it takes for students to thrive in the years ahead. They must be curious learners, nimble thinkers and creative problem solvers. And they must live their lives with integrity, empathy and courage. It's what we do every day, year after year.

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